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  • June Specials
  • Aliens: Fact or Fiction?
    Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

    Experience this specially formatted version of the popular Creation Museum planetarium show, Aliens: Fact or Fiction, in your own home. Discover where these ideas come from, what astromomers have found, and what the Bible says about life beyond earth.

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  • Wonders of the Human Body Volumes 1-2
    Wonders of the Human Body Volumes 1-2

    This junior high anatomy and physiology curriculum helps students see that these intricate systems could not arise by accident, and they can only be the product of a Master Designer.

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  • Ark Encounter Vacation Road Trip Pack
    Ark Encounter Vacation Road Trip Pack

    Get your family fired up about their visit to the Ark Encounter! Don't just bring them... bring them excited and ready to take in every detail!

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