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The Noah Interview and Building the Exhibits of Ark Encounter Combo

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You can now you can bring the excitement home as you experience The Noah Interview as well as everything from the meticulously designed lifelike animals to thought provoking mini-documentaries, the world class exhibits at the Ark Encounter are truly remarkable!

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The Noah Interview

Thousands of Ark Encounter guests have enjoyed this top-quality mini-movie at the life-size Ark Encounter theme park south of Cincinnati. Now you can bring the excitement home as you experience The Noah Interview. This is a fun look at the sorts of scoffing that Noah surely faced. While finishing his preparations on the Ark, Noah is visited by a “local news team” interested in writing a story about his unusual building project. Answering each snickering question, he continually refers back to God’s command to build the Ark. In the midst of their scoffing, Noah shares that repentance of sins is the only way to be saved from the floodwaters. This is an excellent reminder for us today; repenting of our sin and trusting in Jesus Christ is the only way that we can be saved.

Building the Exhibits of Ark Encounter

Artisan Interviews—At over 500 feet long, there is nothing like seeing and experiencing it yourself. Now you can also see how exhibits were built and how God brought the designers, carpenters, and tradesmen together. Hear from sculptors, illustrators, engineers and others. Mini-documentaries—You can own and share some of the wonderful videos that are showcased throughout the three decks. In the Ice Layers video, Ken Ham melts the evolutionary assumptions that ice cores take millions of years to form. The Sink or Swim short from the Flood Legends exhibit creatively illustrates that Noah’s Ark is the only flood account that describes dimensions of a seaworthy vessel. Plus, you can learn about the representatives of the biblical kinds shown at the Ark.


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