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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Kit

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  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2021
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While the Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Creation Museum exhibit truly is something to see in person, with this kit, you can easily share its vital message with others. Like the exhibit, the kit is perfect for families, church groups, and mothers at all stages of pregnancy.

What’s Included $70 value


Nearly as Amazing as an Ultrasound!

This Fearfully & Wonderfully Made kit includes:

  • 12 3D lenticular mini-poster images
  • Full-color Fearfully & Wonderfully Made book (60 pages)
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made DVD
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made journal

The lenticular images, book, and DVD included in this kit all illustrate the miracle of human life. Use this new Fearfully & Wonderfully Made set to show others that every baby is made in the image of God from the moment of fertilization.

Visit the Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Exhibit

Since its unveiling, the new Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit has been touching hearts and changing lives. This powerful walk-through experience reveals the miraculous development of babies in the womb and shows that both the Bible and science confirm that a baby’s life begins at fertilization. Tens of thousands of guests have already come through this one-of-a-kind Creation Museum display.

While the exhibit truly is something to see in person, with this Wonderfully Made kit, you can take the exhibit home and easily share its vital message with others. Like the exhibit, the kit is perfect for families, churches, and mothers-to-be at all stages of pregnancy. This “exhibit in a box” includes an all-new, full-color book, 3D lenticular pictures that highlight the stages of development, and the popular DVD of the same title (by Dr. David Menton). Plus, there is even a journal to record prayers or notes. Share the truth that all of us are created in the image of God!

Showing the God-ordained process of children maturing in the womb, this exhibit tenderly reveals that every baby at every stage is fully human and made in God’s image. Just as God is using the exhibit at the Creation Museum to save babies and bring healing to women who are victims of abortion, we pray that this valuable tool will help you point others to God’s gift of life and the gift of eternal life that he offers to all who repent and believe.

Consider buying an extra kit to give to your local pro-life pregnancy center.

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