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What She Saw Changed Everything

Directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman
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  • Format: DVD
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 110 minutes
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Published: 2019
  • SKU: 30-9-812
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:
  • Includes optional English subtitles

Mature theme content (see details). What happened when a Planned Parenthood clinic director, abortion advocate, and deeply pro-choice woman observed an abortion? Well, it changed her life. (From the co-producers of "God's Not Dead.")



Changing Minds, Changing Lives

All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, she was involved in more than 22,000 abortions and counseled countless women to end their pregnancy. Her own past abortions, and her passion for a woman's right to choose what to do with the unborn baby developing in her womb even led her to become a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, fighting to enact legislation for the cause she so deeply believed in.

But that was before the day she witnessed something that changed everything, leading the outspoken pro-abortion advocate to join her former pro-life enemies. Broken by what she saw, repentant for her own involvement, and passionate to help other young women avoid her mistakes, Abby became one of the most ardent pro-life speakers on behalf of the unborn in America.

This film is about the realities faced by women who discover they are mothers of an unplanned baby. Use it to help your family and loved ones to better understand why so many choose abortion, what actually happens in Planned Parenthood clinics, and how to help women choose life and adjust to the hard yet beautiful changes that decision will bring.

(A Pure Flix/Mill Creek release of a true, eye-opening feature length drama by “God’s Not Dead” co-producers Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman.)

MPAA Rating: R for some disturbing/bloody images.

Bonus Features

  • Interviews with Abby Johnson
  • Making-of Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes & Trailers
  • Matthew West's Unplanned Official Music Video

Product Details

  • Run Time: 110 Minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Biography
  • Languages: English & Spanish
  • Captions/Subtitles: English SDH & Spanish*
  • Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Surround Sound*
  • Starring: Ashley Bratcher, Brooks Ryan, Robia Scott

*Audio & subtitles may vary.

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