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American Vacation Destinations Brochures PDF Pack

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  • Format: PDF
  • Dimensions:
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: All ages
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2010
  • SKU: 90-4-118
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These digital downloads are included:

  • Dinosaur National Monument (PDF - 6.4 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Petrified Forests (PDF - 5.3 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Cave Formations (PDF - 6.3 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Mount St. Helens (PDF - 5.0 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Niagara Falls (PDF - 5.2 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Grand Canyon (PDF - 6.3 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.
  • Devils Tower (PDF - 5.1 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.

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Would you like to take a family vacation to a famous destination? Are you tired of all of the evolutionary/millions-of-years explanations you get from the official tour guides? Would you like a great witnessing tool that makes people think? Then take a look at our brochure pack, which explains each destination from a biblical viewpoint.

What’s Included $3 value


Beautifully illustrated and clearly written, these brochures show that real science confirms the biblical account of creation and a global Flood. Use them to educate yourself and your family and as a tool to show others that the Bible can be trusted!

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