Shocking Pro-Abortion Video


The media has been reporting on a shocking pro-abortion video that is going viral. This video is unique in that Emily Letts recorded herself undergoing an abortion to show people that there are supposed “positive” abortion stories.

Ken Ham and Steve Golden will post a full article on the Answers in Genesis website Thursday morning, May 8, to discuss Lett’s video. Because of the newsworthiness of her video, we wanted to offer some comment even now and share an important video clip of our own, taken from our New Answers DVDs titled “When Does Life Begin?” In it, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor and a full-time speaker and researcher at Answers in Genesis, explores the varying opinions on when life begins and then what the Bible has to say on the subject.

Watch the Answers in Genesis website Thursday morning for an in-depth analysis of Emily Letts’s sad commentary on human life and for you to discover various equipping resource options from AiG.

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