Abortion—Headway to Protect the Unborn

Special Report: How Your Vote Counts

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An Interview with Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association

What’s the latest in the fight against abortion?

A recent Gallup poll indicates that more Americans than ever before describe themselves as pro-life.1

What’s causing this shift?

We’re making headway. Three-D ultrasound plays a part. Now anybody, if they’re intellectually honest at all, can look into the womb and see that this is a human being with a beating heart, moving parts. There’s no more denying that we’re talking about a live human being.

How can we continue the fight?

In 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, the court said that if it could ever be proved that the unborn is a person, it would be a gamechanger. That’s why AFA has been promoting personhood amendments. We want to see that question come before the U.S. Supreme Court again now that we have this new medical technology.

Why should Christians get involved in the politics of abortion?

We need to keep our hands to the plow. There’s nowhere else for us to go to start over; this is it. We cannot abandon our role in the culture, including politics and government. . . . The main thing is that we shouldn’t give up or take the attitude that our vote doesn’t matter because to disengage or not participate or take a fatalistic attitude is to give up on God. God can send revival to our land.

What long-term impact can our votes have this November?

Presidents make appointments to the Supreme Court that will last thirty years or so. Plus, federal appellate judges are appointed by the president. Around 98% of all cases brought to the federal system are made below the Supreme Court by appellate judges.

Abortion Limits

Changes on November Ballot . . .


Change the state constitution to prohibit public funds being used for abortions.


Require parents to be informed if a minor seeks an abortion; also add penalties for failure to comply.

Other Changes Possible . . .

North Carolina

State law requiring an ultrasound was blocked in federal court. The decision has been appealed.


State law requiring an ultrasound was blocked in federal court. The decision has been appealed.

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