Only a Taste of Suffering to Come


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Although it is nothing like the suffering Christians face in many other countries, believers in the United States saw a rapid loss of religious freedom last year. Several Christian institutions have faced discrimination. In September, radio station KPBS reported that the San Diego Museum Council denied membership to the Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee, California, even though the council’s president acknowledged the museum met all the requirements.

In Kentucky, officials reneged on their offer of tourism tax incentives for the upcoming Ark Encounter on purely religious grounds. Academic accrediting agencies threatened Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, as well as other Christian institutions, with the loss of their accreditation if they continued to stand for biblical marriage.

Religious “freedom” is quickly becoming freedom to believe in private but not exercise in public. Jesus Christ told His disciples to expect this and rejoice that they were counted worthy to suffer reproach for His name.

There is a place for fighting for our legal rights, as the Apostle Paul did. At the same time, when persecution comes, we can face it joyfully through Christ, our strength.

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