More Air Pressure Experiments

by Heather Brinson Bruce on December 9, 2011

Try some air pressure experiments.

Extra Experiment 1: Air is Stronger than Water

Air pressure is a powerful thing. In fact, it is stronger than gravity pulling on water!


A drinking glass
An index card (that covers the glass’ entire mouth)


  1. Fill drinking glass 1/3 of the way with water.
  2. Cover the mouth of the glass with the index card.
  3. Turn the glass upside down over the sink.
  4. Remove your hand from the card!

Extra Experiment 2: Huff and Puff

Air has mass and takes up space and trying to push it around won’t get you anywhere. Blow as hard as you can but that paper ball isn’t getting in the bottle. The bottle is already full of air, so blowing air in forces air out which takes the ball with it.


An empty plastic bottle
A table or other flat surface
Wadded ball of paper


  1. Lay the bottle sideways on the table.
  2. Place the ball of paper in the mouth of the bottle. (The ball should be half the size of the mouth.)
  3. Try to blow the paper ball inside the bottle.

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