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Worldview Academy is one of the premier worldview-training camps available today. Here’s a description of the weeklong experience from Heather Bruce, a recent college graduate who just joined Answers magazine as a writer/editor:

I felt equipped and ready to witness, which is the culmination of the training program.

“I had never shared my faith publicly before Worldview Academy leadership camp. After taking notes all week, I felt equipped and ready to witness, which is the culmination of the training program. But instead of heading to the main campus of the local private college, our leaders funneled us into a lecture hall. Brandon Booth, the camp leader, paced on the stage, a stream of emotions crossing his face.

“He said we would not be allowed to share the gospel on campus. After the first group of camp graduates had begun sharing with students and professors on campus that day, a professor complained to the administration. The camp lost its right to witness on the private school’s property.


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“Though founded by a Christian organization, the university would no longer tolerate sharing God’s Word. The founders’ flag lifted up God’s name, but the campus culture was lost to the world.

“That particular incident happened years ago, but it continues to ring in my ears as the perfect example of the camp’s goal—to live out our faith with integrity as we strive to teach fellow teens the basics of worldviews, apologetics, and servant leadership.

“One way we learn to talk to others about worldviews is by examining the prevalence and importance of evolution in the minds of most people. To many people it’s a foundational tenet, and they don’t even realize it.”

After studying examples of evolutionary influences that permeate popular culture, the camp’s students learn an acronym, FACT. It summarizes some of the chief flaws in evolution that students can use to point people back to the preeminent claims of God’s Word:

  • FOSSIL EVIDENCE: The lack of fossil evidence for evolutionary transitions worried Charles Darwin, though he continued to hope for discovery of the “missing links.” The problem continues to this day.1
  • APE-MAN IMAGINATION: Apes and humans are easy to distinguish.2 Their fossils are distinct as well. There are only three ways to create an ape-man fossil: combine human and ape bones, emphasize humanlike qualities in an ape, or emphasize apelike qualities in a human.
  • CHANCE: Under even the best circumstances, the probability that life could arise from nonlife and develop into complex lifeforms is beyond the realm of possibility.3
  • TEXTBOOK ERRORS: Biology textbooks often misrepresent discoveries and experiments, leaving out critical assumptions that limit the value of the results. The Miller-Urey “origin of life” experiment, for instance, took place in an artificial environment that does not match anything believed to have occurred on earth.4

To learn more about Worldview Academy visit www.worldview.org

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