Semper Fi—Teaching Teachers


Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle once trained Marines, but now he trains Christians to defend their faith.

What would drive a former Marine instructor and Microsoft trainer—with an advanced degree in education—to dedicate his life to offering communication classes to fellow Christians?

Although he no longer equips Marines for battle, Mike Riddle has answered a higher calling. Take his God-given passion for education, add youth who lack the answers to defend their faith, pour the Great Commission into the mix (Matthew 28:19), stir well, and what comes out? The Creation Training Initiative.

The vision for CTI grew out of Mike’s observations over years of touring the country as a creation speaker. “I noticed there were some very good speakers and teachers in creation apologetics,” he observed, “but the effectiveness of the church would improve greatly if teachers and speakers had additional training in science and communication skills.”

To help fill this need, Riddle now teaches CTI seminars on biblical discernment, scientific understanding, and effective speech.

A passion for defending biblical truth does not negate the need for staying abreast of the latest scientific discoveries. Christians should strive to grow constantly in wisdom and knowledge, as they live in but are not of this world. That includes cultivating good communication skills, which God’s Word highly esteems (Proverbs 25:11). Improving one’s skills comes only with a combination of training and practice. That’s what pushes Mike to soldier on in training future speakers.

Not one to flinch in the face of the enemy, Mike calls on the soldiers of Christ to rise up and “engage the world with the truth of His creation and the saving message of the gospel.”

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January – March 2012

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