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She Touched Thousands of Lives!


The family and many friends of Jean Ruh are mourning yet celebrating her homegoing as she quietly passed away yesterday (13 May 2004) at her daughter’s home in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, USA. Jean was 78.

One of the first employees hired by AiG-US in 1994 (just after it opened its offices in Florence, Kentucky) and later a faithful volunteer, Jean became a “surrogate” grandmother for so many of us here. While we mourn the fact that she will not be around to fellowship with us this side of Heaven, we praise God for the wonderful ministry that she had, not just at AiG, but also at her home church, Calvary Baptist Church of Covington, and with her family (two sons, daughter and six grandchildren; her husband passed away many years ago).

One of our staff members recently counted the number of people that Jean directly touched while working and volunteering at AiG: over 15,000 souls! You see, for many years she personally signed prayer acknowledgement cards (when a person sent us a prayer request, Jean would pray over the request and then personally reply with a hand-written note). She also made thousands of phone calls to supporters around America to thank them for partnering with AiG, to answer their questions and to jot down their prayer requests. In an age when many ministries call their supporters just to ask for donations (“telemarketing”), Jean’s call-with her sweet, grandmotherly voice-was a welcome voice among those with whom she joyfully interacted.

Jean also touched hundreds of young people as a teacher at Calvary Christian School in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. Just as she was one of AiG’s first employees, Jean was also the first full-time teacher the school hired in 1974. Hundreds of her students and dozens of former teaching colleagues mourn with us.

Even in her final days, Jean could rejoice in the Lord-with the utmost sincerity-in her trials and take real comfort in knowing that she would be with her Savior soon. These months had been extremely difficult for her as she first battled a stroke and then cancer.

Have you ever wondered why horrible things like disease and death occur in this fallen world, and why God would allow such a sweet saint and servant to go through such a health trial? Jean knew why. Click here for the answer she understood quite well.

Even just a few days ago she was alert enough to be able to converse with family and friends. For example, when she learned that her beloved Cincinnati Reds baseball team had won a game against a divisional rival the previous night, she managed a beaming smile. Through God’s grace, she experienced minimal pain in her final weeks.

The services for Jean will be held on Tuesday at 11am in her church, Calvary Baptist (3711 Tibbatts, Covington; 859-491-1955). Her family will see to it that the gospel message will be powerfully proclaimed by her friend and pastor, David Graham, as he attempts to reach unsaved family and friends at her memorial service. Offering a salvation message was Jean’s heartfelt desire for her service.

Ken Ham, AiG-US president, shared: “Jean exuded the love of the Lord. And she was so dedicated and diligent in whatever she did-a great asset to us. Everyone here loved her.”

During this time of loss, please pray that her shining testimony in her last days will continue to have an impact on the hospital staff, family members who aren’t believers and other non-Christians who knew Jean and saw Christ through her words and deeds.

Because of her great love of children and Christian education, Jean had a wish that any memorial gifts would be directed to her former school, Calvary Christian School in Taylor Mill, KY. Any checks-made payable to Calvary Christian School-Jean Ruh memorial-can be sent to Answers in Genesis, P.O. Box 510, Hebron, KY 41048, and will be forwarded to the school administrator.


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