School Teachers Boycott AiG Assembly!


A public high school in one of America’s Plains states invited AiG to speak at a general assembly for students in grades 10–12.

After no evolutionist was willing to come forward to engage in a creation/evolution debate, a public high school in one of America’s Plains states invited AiG to speak at a general assembly for students in grades 10–12. (We are going to protect the identity of the educator who extended the invitation, including the state where he teaches, so that he will not face a lawsuit—or other possible repercussions—from the American “Civil Liberties” Union, which happens with greater frequency now.)

Geoff Stevens of AiG gave a presentation to only 400 of the 1500 students. Almost all of the science and math teachers would not let their classes attend. Many students later expressed their disappointment in being prevented from hearing Geoff speak.

At the school’s insistence, Geoff’s talk was careful not to mention God, a Creator, the Bible, etc. He simply explained that all views of origins are “belief systems based on faith.” He also observed that the facts that we accumulate today about the topic of origins have to be interpreted and placed within these belief systems.

He remarked that natural selection—one of the proposed mechanisms of evolution—either deletes or preserves genetic information in an animal kind, and that evolution requires increased information for animals to change from one to another (e.g., dinosaurs into birds). He observed that we do not see this increase of genetic information happening in nature. As he spoke, Geoff noticed that many of the teachers in the audience were visibly disturbed by his comments.

After the lecture, about 30 students remained for a time of questions and answers (which lasted for more than an hour). The educator who arranged the visit said that having such a large number of students staying afterward was “virtually unheard of at this school.” One student remarked (rightly) to Geoff that it “wasn’t fair to show only the problems with evolution, and not tell us what you believe—there must be some alternative.” Geoff explained that he would have liked to have presented biblical creation during the assembly, but was asked by school authorities not to. However, because this student asked him for his views, Geoff was free to share his belief in the Creator and His Word with this student.

That evening, when Geoff spoke at a local church, he was encouraged to see that some of the students who attended his school assembly were in attendance!

Geoff, one of AiG’s newest dynamic speakers, reported that: “It’s amazing to see how hungry students are for the truth of creation. Praise be to God who opened this door of opportunity.”

To inquire about hosting Geoff as a speaker in your church or school, please contact us (or North Americans can call Mary Garoutte at (859) 727-2222, ext. 403).


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