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The ministry of Answers in Genesis is one that is primarily directed at equipping the saints to have answers for their faith and to have them evangelize more effectively. AiG does not take the place of the church, but comes along side-as a specialist apologetics ministry-to strengthen (or even help bring reformation to) the church.

Thousands of pastors and churches are on our mailing list and receive monthly teaching through our “Answers Update" newsletter, this popular Web site, and other materials (including our quarterly Creation magazine). This year, for example, we will conduct over 300 meetings, mostly in churches, reaching many hundreds of thousands of people with the Creation/Gospel message.

The support that AiG provides churches was recognized recently in a resolution passed by the Ohio Valley Baptist Association (OVBA), made up of 25 conservative Southern Baptist churches in the Cincinnati metropolitan area (AiG-US” “backyard”). Even during the difficult rezoning process that AiG faced in obtaining land for its Creation Museum, leaders within the OVBA spoke on our behalf at public meetings, wrote letters to county officials, and submitted letters to the editor in support of AiG in the face of humanistic opposition.

Recently, the OVBA published a resolution in support of AiG and its Creation Museum. We trust you will be encouraged as you read it:

Whereas, the Answers in Genesis ministry is a Bible-based ministry located in Greater Cincinnati, and

Whereas, they have broken ground for an historic Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center, and

Whereas, the churches, members, and friends of the Ohio Valley Baptist Association have and will continue to receive support, encouragement, and literature from AiG that affirms the Bible message of creation evangelism, and

Whereas, Ken Ham and many of the AiG staff have been personally involved in assisting our churches, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that we the messengers of the Ohio Valley Baptist Association in its bi-annual meeting do affirm our support and prayers for the ministry of Answer in Genesis, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we encourage our members and friends to make full use of the programs and ministries of Answers in Genesis.

Respectfully submitted,

Pastor Steve Davidson, Resolutions Committee, OVBA

If you live in the US, Canada, or Australia and would like to introduce your pastor to the Bible-proclaiming ministry of Answers in Genesis, please contact us with your postal address, and we would be glad to send a free AiG information packet to you that you can hand-deliver to your pastor. This packet will include an audio tape by Ken Ham, a sample newsletter, and other materials that we hope your pastor will use to influence his church. Perhaps the tape could form the basis of a sermon that he could give and thus equip your church to have answers for the Christian faith. Again, this special offer applies only to Web visitors living in the US, Canada, or Australia.


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