Proclaiming the Creator in the Land of Many Gods


In a culture where there is almost no Christian background, Genesis is the natural place to start when presenting the gospel.

When Michiko Mizumura became a Christian while studying engineering at Cornell University, she saw no problem combining her faith in God with evolutionary ideas. Then she learned about biblical creation at a Bible school in her home country of Japan.

It was not until she entered Bible seminary that Michiko remembers meeting any Japanese person who openly questioned evolution. Over a period of eleven weeks, the founder of Creation Research Japan exposited Genesis 1–11 and exposed her inconsistent thinking.

In 2005 she became the operational director of CRJ. She now hopes to help incite a revolution in her home country’s thinking, where fewer than 1% claim to be Christian.

Michiko Mizumura

Michiko Mizumura, operational director of Creation Research Japan, passes out creation literature to a conference attendee.

Michiko and others at CRJ see creation evangelism as the key to reaching the Japanese people. “If they understand that the God of the Bible is the Creator, and Adam’s Fall is the reason that this world is corrupted, then it is much easier for the Japanese to realize why Jesus, the Creator God, had to die on the Cross to pay the penalty of our sins,” Michiko says.

This past August, CRJ co-hosted a major two-day creation conference in Japan with Answers in Genesis Worldwide, featuring Ken Ham. At the conference, with over 250 people attending, six gospel-proclaiming creation talks, including “Does Genesis Matter” and “Why Japanese People Won’t Listen” were translated into Japanese and videotaped. Michiko and other CRJ members pray that by distributing these DVDs throughout the country, more Japanese churches will see the strategic importance of starting with Creation and the Fall in Genesis when explaining man’s need for salvation. Ultimately, they hope to see many unbelievers come to know their Creator and Savior, Lord Jesus.

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