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Passing another significant milestone, the Ark Encounter theme park has purchased the last and largest piece of land at an 800-acre (3.2 km2) site in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Under the direction of Answers in Genesis, an all-wood, 500-foot-long (152 m) Noah’s Ark will be constructed about 40 miles (64 km) from AiG’s Creation Museum. The Ark’s design will go a long way in counteracting the whimsical toy-Ark image of a fairy-tale ship that is unseaworthy and would never be able to protect creatures and people from the ravages of the Flood.

The real, historical Ark was not whimsical at all but the only way of salvation for Noah and his family when the whole world came under God’s judgment. The Ark Encounter is an outreach to our modern skeptical generation, reminding us that sin is deadly serious and that we still must run to the Creator, Jesus Christ, to be saved from God’s eternal wrath.

An elaborate redesign of the exhibit’s original architecture will allow significantly greater guest capacity inside the Ark than originally anticipated. The extra capacity will eliminate the need to build additional biblical attractions simultaneously to accommodate the initial projected crowds. As a result, the Ark Encounter can be built in multiple phases over many years, with the Ark to open during phase one in 2014 or 2015. This approach is a safer way to proceed in a difficult economy.

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July – September 2012

It’s impossible to explain how even one creature could evolve by chance, but in fact all life needs a complete community of other organisms to survive. The web of life had to be in place from the very start for any of us to exist. What an amazing testimony to the Creator! Also learn about animals that seem to come back from the dead, robotics, and how archaeology in Jordan confirms the Bible’s history.

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