Giving Thanks

on November 28, 2008
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In celebration of Thanksgiving, Answers in Genesis wants to show our thanks for our many supporters who stand by us in earnest prayer and who share thoughts of encouragement with us. These letters, phone calls, and emails remind us that God has surrounded us with believers committed to spreading the message of Jesus Christ around the world.

So, as a way of saying thanks, we wanted to share some of those notes of encouragement with you. May it remind you—as it does us—that we are not alone in the work that we do. God has made us all one body in Christ. Thank you for making it possible for us to share the greatest news of all to millions around the world.

If you have something to add, be sure to send it our way.

Real Scientific Inquiry

Dear Answers in Genesis Staff,

I hope that many people have taken the time to thank you for the time and expense you have obviously spent making the AiG Web-site and Magazine what it is. I have just spent most of the last week scouring the site for a research paper I am preparing on the topic “How do we know what we hear, see, and read is the truth?”

You have restored my hope that there is a site where reasonable persons [and] “honest critics” can come to read about scientific inquiry. I am also dismayed at those of your critics who have nothing but vitriolic and profane language in their intellectual arsenal. Please continue your work and the congenial tone as you challenge the thinking of the secular world through excellent scholarship, rhetoric, and genuine concern for a perishing world.

—J.V., U.S.

Opened Eyes

Not a question but just a word of encouragement. I grew up as the son of an alcoholic father who didn’t see the inside of a church very often. Even after I saw the Light as a middle-aged adult with a family, I still had some minor belief in evolution because “the scientists are always right.”

We started going to church regularly, and one of my friends referred me to your excellent website. I’ve been a big fan ever since—even to the point that when I substitute in the junior high school Sunday school class, the kids prefer to discuss evolution rather than the regular program.

Many thanks for opening my eyes and providing such excellent and logical answers.

—W.S., Canada

Sour Cream and Onion Crickets

My family and I recently visited the Creation Museum and were most impressed. Everything is world class, and we are proud to be charter members. Also, we met Ashley [...] in your bookstore and just wanted to comment on her excellent customer service skills. She went far above and beyond the call of duty in helping us, and we really appreciated her Christ-like attitude. She even convinced us to buy sour cream and onion crickets! She should be in sales.

Thank you for your ministry.

—D.W., U.S.

Taking a Second Look

I LOVE the new Get Answers! I have to say at first I thought I didn’t like it and wanted the old back. But then I decided to take a second look. I spent a little time moving [the] cursor over each category and looking further. WOW!!! What a great job you’ve done. Now I understand what’s behind the new look and how to use it, and it’s truly AWESOME! You just keep getting better and better!

I so appreciate you web design folks and all who worked on this. The obvious thought and time and attention you put in to make it easier for us to find great information.

—C.R., U.S.


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