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A Personal Testimony


Almost daily, Answers in Genesis receives wonderful testimonies from believers whose lives were changed when they realized that they can believe the Bible, from the very first verse.

AIG recently received the following encouraging e-mail. The writer is responding to two cases of compromise with evolution in the United States, addressed at length on our Web site–a dinosaur booklet published by Radio Bible Class, and evolutionary teaching at Wheaton College of Illinois.

I have been meaning to write to you ever since the Radio Bible Class (RBC) incident. I was spurred on by the PBS-TV special on evolution.

The only segment of Evolution that I watched was the one with Ken Ham in it. It tortured me to listen to all of those Wheaton College students who convinced themselves that God used evolution. As you know, there is a strong connection between the evolutionary teaching at Wheaton and the RBC booklet. It can lead only in one direction–rejection of the Bible as the literal Word of God.

It took many years for me to fully understand the damage done to me as a teenager by an assistant pastor. As an adolescent, I was very impressed that the assistant pastor was teaching our Sunday school class. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was promoting the “documentary hypothesis” about the authorship of Scripture. My parents were not Christians, but they were God-fearing people. When the pastor said things like “You can see where a different author took over here,” I came to doubt the Bible. I eventually did reject the Bible as a book of fairy tales and became an agnostic.

I never completely went over to the atheist position. In college I attended a couple of meetings at a Christian campus ministry. I met with the leader privately and asked questions like “What about the dinosaurs?” He did not have the answers. Once again, I turned away. I went through a very traumatic experience just after that, and I wonder to this day what would have happened if that man had had training in creation science. Perhaps I would have become a Christian much sooner and avoided a lot of pain.

Although I was brought up in a church that did not hold to the Gospel, it did one thing right. The church gave me a Bible. I read it cover to cover starting in Genesis and became a Christian, just as I was starting my professional career.

As a new Christian, I wrestled with what to do with evolution. I was as committed to it as those Wheaton students, or more. In a young-adult fellowship, I met a creationist named Tony Hoydilla. I could see right away that he was a guy who knew his stuff about the Bible. I came to him with the same questions that I had asked the college campus ministry leader. But unlike him, Tony had the answers to my questions. Tony had taken the time to study the available material on creationism. As a result, I came to accept the Bible as literally true.

So, keep up the good work and be encouraged. As we can see from the special on PBS, there are a lot of young people–even on Christian college campuses such as Wheaton–who are confused and need to learn about real science.

–John K., Connecticut

You can read all about AIG’s rebuttals to the PBS series at our Web site. Or order a copy of our information-packed CD-ROM Creation (which we’re selling for only $2 freight-free for bulk orders—10 or more—in the US so that AIG supporters can distribute dozens of them free to inquiring students and teachers). No doubt the series will also be shown in other countries (reportedly it will be broadcast in Australia shortly)–please return to this site regularly to check your closest AiG Web bookstore for the availability of the just-completed CD-ROM.

Please consider what part can you play to help young people find comfort and hope in the absolute authority of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis 1:1!


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