Unique creation geology conference to be hosted by Cedarville University


The Creation Research Science Education Foundation Cedarville University are very pleased to announce their first joint conference on Creation Geology.

A one-of-a-kind geology conference—with special sessions on Saturday for a layperson audience—provides a wonderful opportunity to understand how the book of Genesis provides a framework to understand the geological record of our world.

The Creation Research Science Education Foundation (CRSEF) and Cedarville University are very pleased to announce their first joint conference on creation geology to be held July 26-28 in the Stevens Student Center of Cedarville University (directions). The conference’s theme will be “Geology Education for the Future.” As such, science teachers are especially encouraged to attend.

Overall, this conference is aimed to reach both professionals with academic expertise in geology (or a related field) as well as laypeople wishing to learn more about a young-earth creationist assessment of the geologic record. The conference is thus open to the public, and the sessions on Saturday, July 28 are suggested for ages 15 and up.

If you’ve already visited the large “Flood geology” exhibit at AiG’s Creation Museum (1 3/4 hours away from Cedarville), then this conference is an ideal follow-up for you.

The Creation Research Science Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering research from a young-earth creation perspective and to disseminating information about the scientific support for the biblical creation account among the public. It was founded in 1972 and is based in Columbus, Ohio (northeast of Cedarville).

Cedarville University is a Baptist university with a strong emphasis on proclaiming biblical truth and a liberal arts education. It is one of the few universities in the country whose science department explicitly endorses a literal six-day creation. The conference organizer, Cedarville University geology professor Dr. John Whitmore, is a member of CRSEF’s board of directors and is one of the science editors for Answers in Genesis’ Answers magazine.

The first two days of the conference (July 26–27) will be specifically geared to those with a strong academic background in geology. Young-earth geologists from around the world will have a chance to meet, present their research, and discuss ideas. The format will involve 25-minute presentations followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion. There will be time set aside in the evening for further discussion, as well as field trips to see local geological features. This portion of the conference is primarily aimed towards fostering dialog and collaboration between creation scientists. While it is open to the general public, the discussions will be quite technical.

On Saturday, July 28, the conference will be geared more towards the general public. One session will contain 40-minute presentations by experts in the creation sciences, including Bodie Hodge and Dr. Andrew Snelling from Answers in Genesis in northern Kentucky. Dr. Snelling is regarded as one of the finest researchers in creation studies (see also Renowned “rock doctor” added to AiG’s research team).

Some of the fascinating topics for discussion include a creationist assessment of the geology of the Grand Canyon, radioisotopes in a young earth, dinsaurs> and the Bible, and many other intriguing subjects. A full schedule for Saturday’s talks is provided below. All are welcome, and science teachers are especially encouraged to attend this informative session.

To register for this exciting conference, please go to the Cedarville University website and use the links provided.

Conference schedule for Saturday, July 28

8:45Dr. John Whitmore Introductory Remarks
9:00Dr. John WhitmoreCreationist Geology in the Grand Canyon
10:10Mr. Michael Oard The Creationist Ice Age Model and Global Warming
11:05Mr. Bodie Hodge Geological Aspects of the AiG Creation Museum
12:00Lunch Break
1:15Dr. Andrew Snelling Radioisotopes on a Young Earth
2:10Dr. Marcus Ross Twelve Years in Athens: A Creationist’s Journey in Geological Education
3:20Dr. Lee SpencerScience, Dinosaurs and Hanson Research Station
4:15Mr. John Woodmorappe The Housing and Care of the Cargo on Noah’s Ark

View the full schedule on Cedarville's website.


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