Broadcast Leader Who Helped Launch AiG’s Radio Ministry Passes Away

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Jon Campbell, president of Ambassador Advertising Agency, went to be with the Lord on June 22.

Jon Campbell, president of Ambassador Advertising Agency, went to be with the Lord on June 22. It was through Jon's leadership that AiG was able to launch the "Answers … with Ken Ham" radio program in October 1994. AiG-US was then in its infancy, and was seeking the assistance of a proven media agency (lead by strong, Bible-believing Christians) to help produce a radio program that would give AiG national and international exposure.

Jon's creative team assisted AiG in developing the format and "sound" of the ninety-second radio feature, and in syndicating the program nationwide. Today, with production and syndication now being conducted in-house, AiG's radio network has grown to more than 700 US stations (and a few dozen overseas).

Other ministries whose radio outreaches were blessed by Jon's leadership include "Grace to you" (with Dr. John MacArthur), as well as radio programs hosted by Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Billy Graham, Joni Eareckson-Tada … to name only a few.

We express our deepest condolences to Jon's wife Peggy (they were married almost 35 years). Peggy, by the way, was one of the key players at Ambassador in helping produce the "Answers … with Ken Ham" program.

Jon's memorial service will be held Monday afternoon at Calvary Church of Santa Ana, California.

As we reflect on Jon's wise counsel to us, AiG particularly thinks of his strong urging 11 years ago that we offer free teaching materials to our radio audience. We followed Jon's advice, and now, over a decade later, one of the most-requested booklets we have offered tackles the question of why a loving God would allow death and suffering in this world (Jon, who had battled cancer off and on for many years, thankfully knew the answer).

So in memory of our friend and colleague, we want to link you to our teaching booklet by Ken Ham and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati called "Why is there death and suffering?" so that you can be equipped to have the answer to one of the most-asked questions people have about the Christian faith.

[Note: While the original link is no longer active, you can now read a chapter on the same topic online from The New Answers Book.]


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