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Geoff Stevens

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We’re excited to announce that Geoff Stevens has joined the AiG–US ministry as a full-time lecturer.

We’re excited to announce that Geoff Stevens has joined the AiG–US ministry as a full-time lecturer. In addition to his own extensive speaking and pastoral experience, Geoff is a “natural” dynamic communicator. He has also been personally nurtured for more than two years by AiG–US executive director Ken Ham, passing on the lessons learnt from nearly a quarter-century of powerfully effective communication on the relevance of the book of Genesis. Geoff and his wife Lauren have just moved to the Northern Kentucky area, where AiG’s headquarters are located (near Cincinnati, Ohio).

Ken Ham formally welcomed Geoff at AiG’s daily prayer/devotional time on August 22. Ken calls Geoff “a captivating speaker on Genesis, who has both the theological and scientific training to help Christians uphold the authority of the Bible from its very first verse, and to present non-Christians with the gospel.”

Since the age of 11, Geoff felt that the Lord was calling him to a life of full-time ministry. In college, he majored in physics, and he soon found himself engaged in a ministry of speaking on the subject of creation. This sparked so much interest on the part of professors and students that Geoff started an origins club at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. He earned his bachelor’s degree in physics at Kutztown.

Geoff’s Christian faith was challenged during his first year in chemistry. The evolutionary indoctrination at the university was so intense that Geoff found himself in a very real spiritual struggle, one upon which his whole faith seemed to depend. Throughout the struggle, however, God was gracious and proved the validity of His Word again and again. Confirmed more than ever in his faith, Geoff became very outspoken in this public university, often defending attacks against the Scripture openly in class. The creation club blossomed and spread to other college campuses. Many influential creationists (including one from AiG–Australia) came to speak in the area.

Upon graduation, he believed that the Lord directed him to Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas, where he is almost finished with a Master’s degree in theology. Along the way, he has also been learning the Greek and Hebrew languages. While in seminary, he served as a pastor at the Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas, where he used “creation evangelism” to reach teenagers and young adults with gospel truths.

Geoff has unfortunately seen many young people—raised in Christian families—abandon their Christian faith because of evolutionary humanism. He is encouraged to know that his ministry has seen many young people return to a belief in the Bible and, for the first time, recognize that God’s Word is authoritative and accurate.

Ken Ham says “I am pleased to highly recommend Geoff Stevens as a captivating speaker for both teens and adults, and even for pastors’ conferences. You’ll leave one of his layperson seminars encouraged in your faith, trained to defend it, and equipped to share it!”

Geoff’s topics

  • Sunday services: Genesis, An Overview: The Relevance and Authority of Scripture

  • Other talks:

    • Genesis: The Most-Asked Questions Answered (could be done in 2 parts)

    • The Bible, Science, and the Age of the Earth

    • Creation Evangelism for Generation X! (using Genesis as the key to effective witnessing)

    • Your Most-Asked Theological Questions on Genesis … Answered!

    • Are You Evolutionized? (Talk for college and young people)

    • Creation and the Creator (Using creation evangelism to reach our lost world. This is an evangelistic talk for the unsaved)

    • Young people (ages 15 – college age): Genesis, Dating, and Marriage

    • Pastors’ talks: “Preaching Genesis” for Pastors

To inquire about Geoff’s availability to speak in your area, call (US phone number) 859-727-2222.


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