AiG’s “Relief Effort” to New York City!

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As a result of the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington DC on September 11, 2001, people are thinking more about the meaning of life, including questions about death and God.

In a special outreach to offer answers to a questioning and hurting city, AIG-US had the opportunity to send multiple thousands of copies of its witnessing booklet “Is there really a God?” to New York City to be distributed by local churches, including First Baptist Church of New York City (79th Street and Broadway, north of “ground zero” of the World Trade Center).

Dr Robert Gage, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, wrote AIG-US recently to thank us for the gift of 10,000 booklets to the church’s relief effort. He wrote that the AIG booklets would be “used for our families that have been forced out of their homes, the families of the firemen and police in our area, and providing materials to comfort and reach people in our community. It is our goal to reach out to families in a tangible way.”

Pastor Gage added: “We will be busy for many weeks following the aftermath of the tragedy. Yet, we rejoice in the opportunity as God has opened for us. Thanks for your help.”

Not long after sending these booklets to the First Baptist Church, AIG received a request from pastors and chaplains in New York City who pleaded with us to ship another 40,000 of the same booklets. They told us that this question—“Is there really a God?”—is one that people were now asking throughout the city. They discovered that AIG’s powerful witnessing booklet helped answer the question of whether God exists. We sent these 40,000 booklets free of charge.

Please pray that more of the Christian community will recognize the phenomenal opportunity now to reach America—and the world—with answers to what life is all about.

God has given us a wonderful and powerful message about the Truth of our origins and why there is death and suffering in this world—and how people can be saved.

Editor’s note: In response to requests from people like Pastor Gage, AIG has produced a booklet (based on the Terrorists and Death article written in response to the September 11 tragedy) by Ken Ham and Dr Jonathan Sarfati entitled “Why is there death and suffering?”. We encourage you to buy multiple copies of this booklet—as well as “Is there really a God?”—so that you can use these tools to effectively share your faith.


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