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by Ken Ham on August 31, 2001

While in Australia recently, I paused to remember the time 27 years ago when I was pursuing my biology degree.

While in Australia recently, I paused to remember the time 27 years ago when I was pursuing my biology degree. I had struggled with the questions posed by evolution, not knowing how to answer them. Then in 1974, a church member told me about a book that provided many answers-The Genesis Flood by Henry Morris.

I remember how thrilling it was to read the Biblical and scientific answers to the creation/evolution issue. In many ways, it was the beginning of the AiG ministries worldwide. Today, AiG has:

  • offices in 7 countries, with 100 full-time staff (including scientists).
  • a translation ministry providing 46 books/booklets in 17 languages.
  • a daily radio program (“Answers”) heard in several countries.
  • an international Web site, receiving up to 14,500 daily visitors!
  • the construction of a major Creation Museum near Cincinnati.
  • international seminars reaching tens of thousands of people.
  • Creation magazine, with subscribers in over 120 countries.

I just wanted you to share in my excitement as I reflect on 27 years of ministry. How good God is!

A final note. As you know, there has been a downturn in the American economy. Many Christian organizations have felt the “pinch.” At AIG, we praise the Lord for his daily provision, but with sluggish giving compared to previous years, we have put some projects on hold.

The Lord has used AiG’s books and seminars to touch so many lives (with several recent salvation testimonies and Christians “on fire” for the Lord). Your gift will help AiG proclaim Biblical truths and the Gospel to a needy and skeptical world.

Isn’t it remarkable how God used a small bookstore in our Australian home as the beginning of an international Bible-defending ministry?

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