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Working at Answers in Genesis provides our staff with many opportunities for sharing the truth of God’s Word — both on the job and ‘off the clock.’

Working at Answers in Genesis provides our staff with many opportunities for sharing the truth of God’s Word - both on the job and “off the clock.” For example, when doctors find out their patients work for AiG, some react with interest, some with skepticism.

After a recent visit, Kari Stewart (AiG-USA’s in-coming mail coordinator) said, “One of the best parts of the visit was when he asked where I worked. When I told him, he was pretty excited.” When he stated that he didn’t understand why God and evolution couldn’t mix, Kari and her husband, Donnie, were able to explain to him some of the problems associated with “theistic evolution” (see Q&A: Creation Compromises - Theistic Evolution for more information).

Their doctor also relayed that when he was younger, he didn’t believe in “original sin,” but as he has aged, he is increasingly aware that we are all sinful. Although he is hopeful that things will get better, he doesn’t yet understand that true hope is only found in receiving the free gift of eternal life offered by God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. Kari and Donnie shared with him, and when they asked if they could bring some AiG materials for him on their next visit, he said he would like that.

We trust the Lord will use the resources Kari and Donnie provide this medical doctor to change his life, as He has done for so many others. Indeed, the lives of many Answers in Genesis staff have been challenged and changed as a result of AiG’s books, materials and seminars. The Lie: Evolution was instrumental in opening the eyes of Eric Rauch, now AiG-USA’s audio engineer. A self-professed “pagan” when he read the book, Eric says The Lie showed him that evidence does not interpret itself - the interpretation of the “evidence” comes from fallible men (see Creation: “Where’s the Proof?”). Two weeks after reading this book, Eric repented and received the Lord’s gift of salvation.

Mark Chiachirra, AiG-USA’s multi-media producer, says that every person he has ever shared The Lie: Evolution with has become a born-again Christian (although he recognizes this will not be the case “across the board”). He believes this is so because The Lie is “presuppositional” in nature, challenging people to re-examine the reasons they believe the way they do.

The above accounts illustrate why Answers in Genesis is so focused on arming and equipping Christians with good creation materials, which help break down the barriers of those with whom they are sharing the Gospel.


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