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AiG Outreach Update

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As I look back on the year, it sadly appears that society is more and more abandoning God’s Word.

As I look back on the year, it sadly appears that society is more and more abandoning God’s Word. I truly believe that one of the primary reasons for this situation is that our culture (and the church) has been so receptive to evolution/billions of years-and thus is inoculated against God’s Word as trustworthy in every area.

In response, AiG has been a reliable lighthouse of truth. Thousands now depend regularly upon AiG to get the answers to support their faith. As a ministry, AiG often does so at no charge (e.g. the free material on our popular Web site) or “at cost”:

  • When PBS-TV recently released a multimillion-dollar propaganda series, Evolution, we created a professional CD-ROM entitled Creation. We offered it for only $2 each (quantities of 10)!
  • After the terrible tragedies at the World Trade Center, we shipped over 60,000 witnessing booklets free of charge to New York churches!
  • We have been invited by a Christian organization-which has special permission to be at the 2004 Olympics in Greece-to distribute our Four Big Questions booklet [right] free of charge. Right now, it’s being translated into 15 languages! Thousands will be given away!

AiG is having an impact throughout the nation and world. We would not be able to do any of these outreaches without God using financial and prayer support.

I believe you agree that AiG is a ministry that should expand its Bible-upholding outreaches. Please consider a year-end gift-of any size-to begin a new year of outreach. Your tax-deductible gift will help people know that God’s Word can be trusted-from the beginning!


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