AiG Closes on Purchase of 47 Acres near Cincinnati!


After four years of zoning hurdles, a very scenic 47-acre piece of property was purchased on May 4.

After four years of zoning hurdles, a very scenic 47-acre piece of property was purchased on May 4. Located in Northern Kentucky and just west of the major Cincinnati Airport along I-275, the land will become home to a 50,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility: “The Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center.” The complex will also serve as the new headquarters for AiG’s 60 (and growing) staff.

The future museum—which will see placement of several first-class exhibits already collected and being stored in three large warehouses (estimated worth of the exhibits: at least $7 million)—will provide visitors from around the world with a “walk-through” history of the world starting from the Bible’s very first verse. The museum will also be “evolution free.”

Ken Ham greets former property owner

In an historic moment Ken Ham (AiG–USA executive director) greets former property owners as closing is finalized.

Because the accounts of the creation and the Flood are the most-attacked portions of the entire Bible, primary focus of the museum will be on Genesis. At the same time, huge dinosaur models, well-produced videos, and interactive displays will give families a dramatic visual tour of Old Testament history, and then the message of the Cross.

Executive director Ken Ham remarked today: “This is the beginning of a new era for creationism worldwide. Our family museum and center will be the first major creation/biblical history museum of this size anywhere in the world. It will be a legacy for future generations who will visit and learn about the message the Lord is entrusting to us today. This major outreach will stand as an incredible witness to the world that the Bible is true from its very first verse, including its message about the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Ham added: “there is a special blessing in our purchase today. We can payoff the land in installments over five years—interest/usury free!”

For the past two years, AiG has had an “option to purchase” the land, contingent on rezoning becoming finalized (which became official in March).

What’s next?

Signing of closing documents

Ken Ham observes while Mike Zovath (AiG general manager) signs closing documents.

The $5–8 million project may see groundbreaking in March 2001, with a grand opening tentatively to be held in the summer of 2002. Because the property is located within a day’s drive of about 165-million people, the impressive collections should make this a major tourist attraction in the eastern part of America (and will draw international visitors—AiG has affiliate offices in five other countries).

AiG is close to announcing the hiring of a major Cincinnati architectural firm to be the museum’s lead architects. Engineers, designers, and general contractors are currently being interviewed to be a part of the final design and construction team. Already, hundreds of excited residents in the region have stepped forward to volunteer their services as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.

To discover the exciting history of the museum project, and to keep up-to-date with new information as it is released, visit the creation museum section of our website. We will be posting photos of the land and video recordings soon!


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