AiG Applauds Bob Jones University for Important Policy Change

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Dr. Bob Jones III, president of Bob Jones University, announced on the CNN TV program “Larry King Live” on Friday evening that the school was abandoning its policy that banned “inter-racial” dating by students. For the reasons outlined below, this decision was entirely correct and deserves praise.

For the past few days, the conservative Bible college had been under intense scrutiny and criticism by the mainstream press. This came in the wake of Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush’s visit to the BJU campus last month, which drew intense criticism from Mr. Bush’s presidential rivals and from the media because of the school’s ban on “inter-racial” dating.

Dr. Jones, in a generally cordial conversation with Mr. King, stated that many in the press had so stigmatized the school over such an insignificant part of its student policy, that it was hurting the school’s Christian testimony to the country (which was perceiving the institution to be racist). Dr. Jones also candidly admitted that he couldn’t point to any Bible passage that forbids “inter-racial” relationships.

Dr. Jones made a very important point that AiG also has been making to the church—a warning that the anti-Christian sentiment in this country has risen dramatically and that Christianity is under increasing persecution (remember our 4-year Creation Museum battle). What has happened of course is that the foundation of this nation has changed from God’s Word being truth to man’s opinions being “truth”. This is the real heart of the Creation/Evolution battle.

AiG also applauds the comment by Dr. Jones on the broadcast that affirmed the historicity of the Book of Genesis. In answering a question about homosexuality, Dr. Jones declared that the only basis of marriage—man and a woman—is found in Genesis, and therefore homosexual behavior is wrong.

For AiG’s look at what the Bible teaches about the different people groups, as well as its answer to the age-old question about their origins, read Ken Ham’s revealing article from “Creation” magazine on “inter-racial marriage.”


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