It’s a Renew-A-Thon! Come on a Teaching Creation Vacation!

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It’s a new era at Answers in Genesis!

And to commemorate this time, especially with the life-size Noah’s Ark opening by late summer 2016, we have new opportunities for Christians to be spiritually fed and physically refreshed at a special two-week series of events we are calling Renew-A-Thon. (I’ll explain the word in a moment.) In fact, we have invented some new words to describe this exciting event held at both the Ark and Creation Museum in August!

The world-class, life-size Noah’s Ark attraction will be opened on July 7, 2016. The 510-foot-long Ark will be one of the greatest evangelistic outreaches of the modern era.

While future visitors will be able to obtain their tickets online in early 2016, there is an even better way to plan and enjoy your Ark visit: participate in the Renew-A-Thon’s Ark-ation, an extended Ark-related family vacation in our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, attend a special conference at our Creation Museum, and be guaranteed a visit to the Ark Encounter for your family during the first half of August.

The Ark-ation is just a part of the larger Renew-A-Thon.

Dictionaries state that “thon” is a suffix extracted from the word marathon—indicating a large-scale event or operation.

Each year, most families take a vacation so they can have a holiday to get away from the normal stresses of life. Well, Answers in Genesis is bringing in a new era—an opportunity for your family not only to renew your physical bodies, but to be spiritually renewed as well at the Ark and museum.

Creation Wise: Now That’s an Ark!

Renew-A-Thon is a unique family opportunity that no one else can offer. And what a strategic time it is right now to hold such a major program, because after all:

  • we observe a culture that increasingly seems to be like the time of Noah’s day. Genesis 6:5 records, “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”
  • we as Christians need to become better equipped to proclaim a message of renewal to Americans with urgency as, for example, the culture prepares for the next presidential election. Romans 12:2 tells us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing [reformation] of your mind.”

Museum-oliday: Just 45 minutes from the Ark location, the world-class Creation Museum, with its famous “walk through history,” spectacular planetarium (and the new graphic-intensive program on aliens and UFOs), magnificent gardens, unique petting zoo, and more is a wonderful place to visit while you holiday in our area and enjoy many of the first-class attractions around Cincinnati.

Now, while in the region, how would you like to have access to the Creation Museum for up to two weeks? Yes, that’s also included in your Renew-A-Thon registration. It’s a vacation centered around the Creation Museum we are calling a “Museum-oliday.”

Equip-A-Fest: The word fest means a gathering, event, or show—having a specific focus. Of course, you’ve heard of things like a music-fest. Well, Answers in Genesis is thrilled to add an Equip-A-Fest to your vacation at the Ark and Creation Museum.

This part of Renew-A-Thon in August we call Equip-A-Fest will feature many of the world’s leading creation-apologetics speakers and our specialist children’s workshop leaders. They will be providing powerful teaching programs to equip all ages, and it will be held at the museum. All the teaching programs are included in your Renew-A-Thon registration fee. On the two Saturdays of Renew-A-Thon, we will also hold a special time for in-depth teaching sessions for the more technically minded.

Many people may not realize that surrounding the Creation Museum and future life-size Noah’s Ark are many world-class attractions.

Many people may not realize that surrounding the Creation Museum and future life-size Noah’s Ark are many world-class attractions (they are listed on the Creation Museum and Ark websites and will also be found on our Renew-A-Thon website). For instance, the largest air force museum in the world (and it’s free!), the internationally known Kentucky Horse Park, the stunning Newport Aquarium, the famous Cincinnati Zoo, Kings Island (one of the leading roller coaster theme parks in the world), and of course the Great American Ballpark, where the Cincinnati Reds baseball team plays its games.

Let me explain August’s Renew-A-Thon further!

August 1–7, 2016, Answers in Genesis is going to provide apologetics teaching programs for parents, teens, and children at the Creation Museum, using our Legacy Hall auditorium and workshop rooms. Then in the second week, August 8–14, the same teaching programs will be repeated.

We will be featuring AiG’s talented speakers and some excellent guest speakers, as well as great music. If you register for this huge event we are calling Renew-A-Thon, here are the blessings you will receive:

  1. Access to any of the Renew-A-Thon teaching programs at the Creation Museum during those two weeks. Come for one week, 10 days, or all two weeks—it’s as flexible as you want it to be. Choose which teaching sessions you want to attend in our Legacy Hall (each talk will be repeated, some more than twice, over those two weeks). This format will enable you to receive wonderful teaching plus the maximum flexibility to enjoy vacation time in the area, to visit the Ark, museum, and local attractions. Yes, a time for spiritual and physical renewal!
  2. Each morning during these two weeks, the teaching programs will be exclusive for those registered to attend Renew-A-Thon. The participants can also attend the other museum programs that are available to anyone visiting the Creation Museum those weeks (e.g., the usual afternoon workshops and lectures offered at our museum).
  3. We will offer special workshops for children at Renew-A-Thon, including live animal programs with our animal expert. Those families registered for our Renew-A-Thon will receive priority in booking these programs at no additional cost—all included in their Renew-A-Thon registration fee.
  4. Your registration will enable you to visit the Creation Museum as many times as you want during those two weeks (August 1–14), and also be given free tickets for two planetarium programs and select from many show times.
  5. You and your family will be given a ticket to visit the new life-size Ark in the first half of August (you will need to choose the time of your visit so it can be locked in; details to be found on our Renew-A-Thon website).
  6. AiG is negotiating special hotel rates and discounted tickets to local attractions. That information will be available on our Renew-A-Thon website and also sent to you when you complete your registration.

The Renew-A-Thon registration fee (special rates for families) will include all of the above. Find out all the information by going to

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! Be a part of our Renew-A-Thon, and have a great Ark-ation and Museum-oliday, and also give your family the opportunity to participate in our Equip-A-Fest. In that way, “those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31, emphasis added).

See you at the Ark and Creation Museum this August!


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