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Chances are, you’re surrounded by digital content. You’re reading digital bits right now. You may have MP3s or streaming music playing from your computer or phone. Perhaps you even have an e-reader handy for your digital library of books and magazines—or a tablet with some of your favorite movies and TV shows queued up.

And, just as you might expect from one of your favorite ministries, we’re pushing forward with a digital revolution of our own.

Last month, we sounded off on our new audio articles that play right from your browser. But we’ve been ramping up our digital content all over the place—from our free online videos to our Answers Radio broadcasts to the products you’ll find in our online store.

You may already know that we offer up digital video downloads. Just click and download to your computer—no shipping, no wait. But we’ve been rolling out some other digital goodness recently.

For those of you who received a Kindle or an iPad last Christmas (or have one in need of good content), we’ve been busy converting some of our most popular books into eBooks. So far, you can choose from our popular Pocket Guide series for quick answers on everything from geology to Charles Darwin. You can also download some of Ken Ham’s classic and new books, the New Answers Book series, and—well—just take a look for yourself. And if you have another type of reader, no worries. Our eBooks work with most of them—and we’ll even show you how to make it work.

Once you’re there, you should also check out our audio downloads and PDFs. The audio downloads of some of our popular talks make long rides in the car a true learning experience—your own traveling creation college. As for the PDFs, here you’ve got instant access to a growing selection of educational charts from Answers magazine and creation-affirming brochures for popular vacation destinations.

So, if your life is digital nowadays, we’re right there with you.

How Long?

Hard to believe, but InSite has been bringing you updates about the Answers in Genesis family of sites for four years now. Really. Maybe we’ve been having so much fun adding features to the site that the time seems to have zipped by on us. Thank you for your support and feedback.

In Store: Soaring up the Charts


The album Soar from Buddy Davis has long been a fan favorite, thanks to its appeal to kids and adults both. And with the radio success of “The Bible is a Gold Mine,” that appeal has gotten much wider.

The staff members at Answers in Genesis have won many awards and honors over the years, but one recent honor certainly breaks unfamiliar ground for us. What’s that? Try chart-topping radio success by our own Buddy Davis.

You may know that Buddy has had a long career in sculpture, adventure, and art, but he’s also an accomplished musician with several albums to his credit. And one in particular, Soar, has made its mark on the radio.

The song “The Bible is a Gold Mine” (featured on Soar and in our Gold Rush VBS) has dug up success on the Inspirational Country Charts. Stations all over the U.S., including WSM in Nashville, have been broadcasting this Bible-affirming message to a wide audience. That’s quite a feat, when you consider the famous country stars he’s competing with for airtime.

The album also includes a number of fan favorites that Buddy’s audiences have enjoyed for years—fourteen songs filled with humor, heart, and biblically faithful lyrics. In other words, you can pop it in, and you and your kids will be singing along before you know it.

On the online store, you can sample some of the songs and find out more about the album. You can also take a listen to the entire song “The Bible is a Gold Mine” (just click the play button). Because of the recent “gold rush,” we’re also giving you the chance to download the song for free to your computer or mobile device.

Question of the Month

How can I find out about featured conferences from Answers in Genesis?

AiG puts together dozens of conferences all over the world each year—from video events to science fairs to mega conferences to rafting adventures. So, keeping up could be a challenge.

But we’d rather make it easy.

Since overhauling the Outreach section of our site recently, we’ve been tweaking the design. Many of the changes have been subtle to improve the functionality, but some have been more noticeable. And this question hits on one we recently overhauled.

If you go to the main page of the Outreach site, you’ll immediately notice the new focus: our featured upcoming events. For example, we’re planning a conference for families, an event for children’s ministry leaders, and our outreach at the upcoming Olympics. The page will update as we plan new featured events.

Of course, these aren’t all our events. To find the ones close to home, you can do a quick search on our event map.

(Have a question for InSite? Let us know! Be sure to mention that your question is intended for InSite.)

Did You Know?

Did you know that our website got off to a great start for 2012? Two articles in particular had a big debut: Was Jesus Wrong? Peter Enns Says, “Yes” and Theophanies in the Old Testament. Help us reach even more people this year by sharing our articles with your social networks. You’ll find social media buttons at the top of most pages and articles to spread the word.

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