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The initials BBC took on a new meaning in Great Britain on Friday evening March 17 when Ken Ham of AiG debated three evolutionists on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s nationwide program "Newsnight."

Three evolutionists (a geneticist, a nuclear physicist, a scientist from Oxford University) and host Jeremy Vine—gathered in a comfortable London studio, while Mr. Ham sat before a single TV camera in a tiny studio at a BBC affiliate in Cardiff, Wales—a room not much bigger than a broom closet! Mr. Ham is in the midst of a speaking tour of England and Wales, and broke away from an overflow crowd (500 attendance—see below) at Cardiff University to arrive in the studio just in time for the live BBC-TV program aired around the nation.

The renowned civility of the British quickly went out the window as Mr. Ham was blasted as “stupid,” a teller of “lies,” and, in a less heated moment, just “dogmatic.”

When the topic of the famous 1925 Scopes “monkey trial” came up, Ham pointed out that virtually all the evidence brought forward by evolutionists in the Tennessee courtroom and in its transcript has been tossed out today—and by evolutionists themselves. He also stated that Kansas—contrary to the reporting of most of the world’s press—did not delete evolution from its science curriculum last August.

Mr. Ham asked the evolutionists for specific evidence for “molecules-to-man” evolution. The best example they could offer was different salmon species. Mr. Ham pointed out that the salmon were still salmon, and only produce more salmon, and that creationists believe in speciation anyway (visit our FAQ section on our home page and click on the topic of “speciation”).

Earlier in the evening, Mr. Ham spoke to 500 students and others at Cardiff University in Wales. They absolutely packed the auditorium, with many students sitting on the floor all around the speaker, “not even enough room for a mouse to move around in” reported Mr. Ham. The student union group that hosted the meeting was ecstatic with the turnout and with the captivating, well-illustrated presentation. The overall speaking tour is being hosted by the British office of Answers in Genesis.

Mr. Ham showed from Scripture why millions of years of evolution could not have happened. The Book of Genesis, he revealed, teaches that there was no decay, disease, suffering, and death in the “very good” (i.e., perfect)creation before the Fall of Adam and Eve into sin, which occurred just a few thousand years ago, but that evolution says that animals have been tearing each other up (“survival of the fittest”) millions of years before humans appeared.

Then from science, Mr. Ham challenged the audience to explain the “origin of information,” such as the highly complex DNA molecule. Matter, he said, never generates information—like DNA—on its own. Information always comes from information, and information must ultimately come from Intelligence. Mr. Ham said this is the Creator God of the Bible.

The audience clapped loudly at the end of the lecture. As Mr. Ham exited, several students peppered him with questions as he walked to his car. One young girl was upset that Mr. Ham was so dogmatic that homosexual behavior—a consequence, he explained, of not believing in Genesis—was wrong. It gave him the opportunity to go back to Genesis to share that the rightful place for sex was in marriage, and that marriage was meant by the Creator to be one man for one woman.

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