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What can we do to protect our kids’ from Satan’s evolution-based attacks on their minds and hearts?

Learn about our culture’s newest tactics in the battle for kids’ souls, and discover what you can do in your home and church to reclaim our youth for Jesus, the Creator. In addition to this special section with three very special articles, you’ll find all the creation content you expect from Answers magazine, including a look at Lucy, the famous ape; animals with “sixth senses”; ancient and modern reefs; and intriguing findings about the animal kinds on Noah’s Ark.

Scorpions—Armed and Dangerous

One look at a scorpion and the “creep factor” takes over. Are we supposed to be afraid, or is it just our imagination? What purpose could God have for this deadly menace that is found in virtually every environment all around the world? You’ll be surprised! (by Gordon Wilson)

No Kind Left Behind


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As striking as the scorpion is, there were even more bizarre animals on Noah’s Ark—creatures that might seem to be more at home in The Lord of the Rings than in the real world! Just how many animals did Noah need to take care of on that floating zoo? The latest research reveals that there was more than enough room on the Ark to preserve every kind of land animal, including many that are now extinct, throughout the year-long Flood. (by Marcus Ross)

Unwelcome Guests

Still, it seems we could do without some creatures. Our world is filled with unwelcome little monsters, and some of them are pretty nasty. Why do we have to deal with parasites, and where in the world did they come from in the first place? (by Frank Sherwin)

Miniscule Master

Your body’s “master gland” controls kidney function, bone growth, response to stress, and a host of other vital functions. Yet this indispensable little master is only the size of a pea. The amazing capabilities of the pituitary will have you thinking twice before you ever call someone “pea brain.” (by Tommy Mitchell)


How many Bible facts do you “know” that aren’t in the Bible at all? You’ve probably heard a pastor or Bible teacher refer to Josephus, one of the most-quoted resources about the world during Bible times, but how reliable is his history? Is it a mistake to trust what he has to say? (by Brenton Cook)

The Battle for Kids’ Minds

Every generation must decide whether to serve the God of the Bible or a false god. Neither parents, nor teachers, nor pastors can make that decision for our kids—it is up to each individual. So Satan focuses particular attention on young people. It takes only one generation to lose a godly culture, and it’s happening now! But there is hope. God has given Christians all the resources they need to turn the tide. Read about what you can do in your family and your church to reclaim our youth for Jesus. (by Ken Ham, Nate Loper, and Eric Hovind)

Sixth Senses

Are there ways to experience the world beyond the five senses we’re familiar with? Yes, God designed certain animals with “super senses” that make humans look weak in comparison! Read about spiders’ motion sensors, birds’ magnet sensors, sharks’ electricity sensors, and more amazing designs in the animal world. (by Heather Brinson Bruce)



Sharks detect bioelectric fields with sensory cells, called ampullae of Lorenzini.

Bringing Lucy to Life

Lucy is the poster girl of human evolutionism, supposedly a member of the same family from which modern humans arose, and you’ll see that reflected in most artists’ depictions of her in secular museums. But what can we actually know about what she looked like? Doug Henderson, head exhibit designer for the Creation Museum, will show you the huge influence an artist’s worldview has on any model of Lucy and why there’s no standard depiction of her, even in evolution-based museums. Plus, he’ll give you fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses of the exacting design process that went into the Creation Museum’s model of Lucy.

A Lucy Makeover

Lucy Makeover

Artists’ efforts to design faces from fossils aren’t all science. This work requires lots of imagination to fill in the blanks not preserved in the fossil record—skin color, hair color, eyes, thickness of hair, etc. Indeed, these choices are heavily influenced by the effect the artist desires. Cincinnati’s Creation Museum shows several ways that an artist could take the same mold of Lucy’s head (center) and create very different impressions, simply by choosing different colors and hair patterns. Which of these four seem to be most humanlike, and why? While some look reasonable, it is more likely that she did not resemble any of them!

Reefs, Ancient and Modern

Reefs seem to pose a problem for young-earth creationists. First, fossil reefs in Flood sediments seem to be too large to have grown in the few centuries before the Flood, and second, modern reefs seem to be too large to have grown in the few thousand years since the Flood. How do we reconcile this evidence with the biblical record? Geologists Andrew Snelling and John H. Whitmore give solid answers to these apparent dilemmas.

There’s more that you won’t want to miss, including a snail that may offer incredible advances in lightweight body armor, the Bible’s wisest failure, inspiring creation outreaches, science and culture news, and, of course, the Kids Answers mini-magazine section, which brings the sweep of biblical history to life as “the Seven C’s of History.”

What Happened in the Past?

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