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I want you to read a remarkable example of lives that have been touched as God uses this ministry.

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For my letter to you this month, I decided to do something very different. From time to time I believe it’s important for our website visitors to experience a remarkable example of lives that have been touched as God uses this ministry.

I have to admit that some recent testimonies have been very touching. They come from people who pour out their emotions as they let us know how they have been changed as a result of various Answers in Genesis outreaches.

I recently received an incredible 12-page letter from a lady whose family (and particularly her husband) was going through a traumatic time. This was due to his severe illness, which had put tremendous stress on the whole family. In fact, she told me that her husband had become an “angry man who shook his fist at God.”

But a trip to the Creation Museum was used by God to change their lives forever.

This wife and mother opened up her heart to me and shared all the heart-wrenching challenges her family had been experiencing. She wrote: “I felt led to get down on the floor, flat on my face to pray . . . I prayed and wept and bowed to God’s sovereignty . . . .”

As a result of her earnest prayer, the Lord opened the way for the whole family to travel to our Creation Museum. She told us that leading up to the museum trip, she

“prayed fervently during the next two weeks [particularly for her husband and the serious issues he was experiencing] that God would not allow Satan to snatch away the Word that would be sown!! I asked a friend at church to pray. My oldest [child] was praying.”

A Life-Changing Place

Then they came to the Creation Museum. She wrote:

“The museum was better and more powerful than I had ever imagined it would be. Outwardly, we were VERY impressed by the planning, artistry, and attention to detail . . . . [We] agreed it was on the level with Disney . . . .

“Our kids had an absolute blast . . . and their beautiful, simple faith was so evident in how they grew in excitement with each truth they learned. As a mother, this was precious to me! What could I want more for my little ones than to believe in Him?!”

But, because of the recent trauma in their lives, this wife and mother also shared:

“I . . . was a mess. For two days I walked through the Creation Museum unable to stop the tears that welled up almost constantly. At one point I sat alone for a while, watching the masses [of people moving through the museum]. My spirit was overwhelmed. I realized that I was surrounded by souls that loved Jesus. I would be in eternity with these dear ones.

“I was even more overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy God! HE was there! It was almost as if you could sense His joy with how He was being honored and loved by His creation. Oh, what sweetness! What an unbearable sweetness.”

She continued:

“And yet, there were other faces that I saw. Searching faces. Some caught in obvious wrestling with the truth. Some trying to act as if this ‘ridiculous’ place had no effect on them.”

She then explained that she purchased some DVDs, books, and a subscription to Answers magazine. The lady added that on their way home, they decided to watch one of the DVDs. She shared, “It was FANTASTIC. [My husband] and I could only hear it [the DVD player was for those sitting in the back seats], but I was enthralled.”

“Then the most amazing sequence of events happened,” she continued. Her husband wanted another of the Answers in Genesis DVDs to be played.

“During the long journey home, he continued to have me play one AiG DVD after another . . . every so often he would say ‘amazing,’ or ‘I never knew.’ His face began to soften right before my eyes. This was it! This was the miracle God had given me so much hope for!

“This was it! This was the miracle God had given me so much hope for!”

“An awakening was taking place in our minivan along a long stretch of interstate! [My husband] was absolutely blown away by the facts he heard. But more, oh so much more importantly, the facts began to thaw his heart towards his Creator.”

Then she stated:

“During the months since our visit to the museum, my husband has been transformed! He has learned so much about the truth and authority of Scripture. He has seen evidence all around him that God is indeed a very personal, brilliant Father. My darling husband has even started witnessing to lost souls with the knowledge AiG has equipped him!

“Answers in Genesis is the miracle tool God is using to change our family’s focus to the eternal! I think my most favorite thing about AiG is that it ALWAYS points to the Word: our standard, our final authority, our Father’s words to us!”

Radical Transformation

Isn’t that a blessing? I praise God for His graciousness in allowing us to hear such a testimony. She has reminded us again of how God is using this ministry in special ways.

The lady started to wrap up her letter by stating:

“My husband has been so changed that he recently shared with me that he believes God is calling him to defend the truth of the Bible and stand against lies that are being fed to our school children!

“I am in awe of God and I can’t wait to see where He leads us in this! What can I possibly say with frail human words about this Jesus who loves us? He took an angry man who shook his fist at Him, and drew him, changed him, and called him! Oh, how I love Him!”

She added:

“I wanted you to know our story so you would be encouraged. I honestly can’t imagine the giant step of faith and obedience you must have taken to begin AiG and build the museum. You and I both understand that God alone deserves the praise for all that has happened for the Kingdom through AiG. It was His desire, formed by His love, carried out by His creation with the knowledge and talents gifted by Him!”

And lastly, she mentioned the Ark Encounter project:

“I also want to encourage you on the Ark project . . . you have a mandate from God! Be encouraged! Be confident! He goes before you, and He will wage the war for you! You just keep saying ‘yes,’ dear brother! Keep defending the absolute authority of the ONE TRUE GOD!”

Even More

That incredible letter is just one of so many of the varied testimonies we have heard over the years as a result of the Lord using Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. And who knows how many other testimonies of changed lives are out there? Often at a conference, people will tell me how the Lord used the ministry of AiG to bring them to salvation, or changed their children, revitalized their church, etc.

And when the Ark Encounter opens, who knows how many such testimonies we’ll receive? At AiG, we just need to remain faithful to Him who called us to this ministry.

One person at a recent conference in Pennsylvania said something to me like, “Thank you for not wavering over the 30 years I have heard of your ministry! Thank you for being such a witness to us in standing so uncompromisingly on God’s Word. This ministry has been such a witness to me and my family.”

And thank you for all the prayer and financial support you give AiG, the Creation Museum, and now the Ark project. Without your gifts, AiG could never do what this ministry is able to achieve.

I hope you are encouraged by the Lord’s work through the ministry of Answers in Genesis! Please help us continue proclaiming the life-changing message of the gospel and the importance of standing firmly on the authority of God’s Word!


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