A Religion of Sand

What’s the Religion of Our Day?

by Ken Ham on October 22, 2021

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, author of the new book Divided Nation: Cultures in Chaos and a Conflicted Church.


This week we’ve looked at the religion of sand—one that’s captured so many in the younger generations. In this religion, man is god, man makes the rules, and man determines truth.

So, what’s the church to do?

Well, what the true church has always done throughout history: believe and obey God’s Word, preach the gospel, and refuse to water down truth. How can we do that? Well, it starts with each individual Christian committing to knowing, believing, defending, and proclaiming God’s Word and the gospel message. And then teaching others to do the same.

So be reading God’s Word, getting answers to the questions of our day, and boldly sharing truth!

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