A Generational Shift

What’s the Religion of Our Day?

by Ken Ham on October 18, 2021

Part 1



This is Ken Ham, whose ministry has produced the family friendly Answers Bible Curriculum.


A massive generational shift has occurred in America. What do I mean? Well, in the past, there was a veneer of Christianity in the culture. Most people believed in God and got their morality from the Bible. But the younger generations have stripped that veneer away! Now the West is dominated by a very secular worldview.

As we’ll see this week, this secular worldview is very different from what past generations believed and it’s just based on the “sand” of man’s word. Ultimately, what’s happened is a change in foundation. The thinking of today’s younger generations is based on the foundation of man’s word, rather than God’s Word. And we’re seeing the horrible consequences!

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