Is Genesis Just a Side Issue?

on April 9, 2021

Part 5



This is Ken Ham, author, speaker, and blogger on science and the Bible’s reliability.


Does it matter what we believe about Genesis? Some Christian leaders say “no”—we need to focus only on the gospel, not on side issues like creation . . . or the age of the earth.

But all of our major Christian doctrines are founded in the history in Genesis! Why are we sinners? Why did Jesus come and die? What is marriage and gender? All these questions—and more—find their answers in that history in Genesis!

Genesis is the foundation for a biblical worldview . . . and the gospel message. If we want to effectively deal with the issues of our day and share the gospel, we have to start with Genesis!

Genesis—it’s not a side issue! It’s the foundation of our biblical worldview.

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