Are We Descended from Martians?

Nye vs. Ham Ark Debate

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This is Ken Ham, president and CEO of the Ark Encounter themed attraction.


This past summer, only one day after the Ark Encounter opened, we had Bill Nye “the Science Guy” drop by for a visit. During his tour with me, he said that “it’s not crazy to suggest . . . you and I are descended from Martians.” Of course—and Nye even admitted this—there is no evidence that we are descended from Martians, yet he still thinks it’s “not crazy” to believe that.

But he does think we are “betraying our intellect” to believe we are descended from Adam and Eve, even though we have an eyewitness account from the Creator that this is true. And there is solid scientific evidence, such as we are all one race, to back this up.

The problem with skeptics like Bill Nye isn’t the evidence—it is the heart.

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