Earth—It’s Just Right for Life

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This is Ken Ham, president of the ministry producing the family-friendly Answers Bible Curriculum.


You know, according to evolutionists, earth isn’t special. It is just one planet out of many . . . where life happened to evolve. But evolutionists can’t seem to find all these other earth-like planets where life supposedly evolved!

The more we study the universe and earth, the more we learn that earth is special. It has just the right conditions for life. But of course, this is exactly what we would expect starting with God’s Word. Earth was designed for life . . . and formed to be inhabited. And it was to earth that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ.

The lack of earth-like planets is a big problem for evolutionists who desperately need us not to be special. But it is not a problem for those who start with God’s Word.

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