Ötzi the Iceman’s DNA Reveals “Surprises”

by Ken Ham on August 21, 2023
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Who was Ötzi the Iceman? Discovered in 1991 in the Ötztal mountains along the border of Austria and Italy, this mummy is believed to be the oldest intact human body ever found. Ever since his discovery, he’s been an intriguing subject of study—with previous studies revealing some fascinating things about both Ötzi and how the people at his time were living—and a new study has revealed even more.

As we’ve reported before in “Who Killed the Iceman? and “Ötzi the Iceman: A Biblical Perspective,” studies revealed that Ötzi

  • Died from an arrow wound to the shoulder (Was he murdered?)
  • Wore waterproof shoes crafted in four layers with bearskin soles, deer hide uppers, cow leather shoelaces, and tree bark “socks”
  • Wore a coat made from various animal hides and stitched together with animal fibers
  • Carried a “first aid kit” with over a dozen plants that are known to help heal wounds, cure disease, and fight parasites
  • Ate a wide variety of foods, including possibly bread
  • Traveled with a fire kit, complete with flint and a tree fungus for tinder
  • Brought along an extremely well-made copper ax, a bow and arrows, and a flint knife

This man is believed, in evolutionary thinking, to have lived 5,300 years ago—1,000 years too early in their view, for his complex copper ax! And it was thought that he was descended from humans living on the Caspian steppe, but a new genetic analysis has revealed some surprising results. Based on his genetics, it appears Ötzi was dark-skinned (as his mummy appears) and balding, and his ancestors weren’t from the Caspian steppe as has long been assumed. Rather, it appears this man was an Anatolian farmer (Anatolia corresponds to modern-day Turkey) who possibly struggled with obesity.

His remains tell us nothing about humanity’s supposed slow march from hunter-gathering to farming and civilization.

Now, how should we understand this mysterious man in light of biblical history? Well, Ötzi—like all of us—is a descendant of Adam and Eve, through Noah and his family, who lived after the dispersion at Babel. It’s likely he was living during the post-flood ice age, a rough time in human history (though we can’t be sure when he lived as the dating methods used to determine his “age” are fraught with problems). But here’s what we do know: his remains tell us nothing about humanity’s supposed slow march from hunter-gathering to farming and civilization.

Contrary to the evolutionary worldview, civilization is almost as old as humanity (cities are mentioned in connection with Cain, Adam and Eve’s son, in Genesis 4:17), as is farming (Genesis 4:2), herding (Genesis 4:2), and metalworking (iron and bronze, which interestingly is made from copper and generally tin; see Genesis 4:22).

Yes, as Ötzi reminds us, humanity has been intelligent since the very beginning!

Oh, and if you want to learn more about the secrets hidden within our DNA—secrets that can only be uncovered if you start with the Bible’s timeline and history—I encourage you to check out geneticist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson’s fascinating book, Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise. It’s a fascinating and eye-opening read detailing results of the history of mankind since the flood, using male Y chromosome research.

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