Could the Inca People Write?

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It’s long been believed the great Inca civilization never left behind any written records. But what if that’s just because we couldn’t recognize their writing? A fascinating new study reveals the Incas did leave a written history behind—we just didn’t recognize it.

This civilization was complex and absolutely massive, stretching from modern-day Ecuador to Chile during the 1400s. They built a system of roads and woven bridges to connect the land, built ziggurats that still astound engineers today, and left behind a bevy of artifacts for us to puzzle over. One such group of artifacts is known as “khipu.” These are a system of knots tied into cords. Amazingly, these knotted cords are actually a system to store numbers.

Mankind has always been intelligent—this is just another example.

Mankind has always been intelligent—this is just another example. Those who left Babel and travelled to South America to establish their own civilization and culture were made in the image of God with intelligence and ingenuity. They also had a God-given language that came from the division at the Tower of Babel.

Genesis 5:1 says, "This is the book of the generations of Adam." There is no reason to believe that Adam, Noah, etc. did not have a written language/language system and could have handed documents down to Moses and later generations.

I encourage you to read the full article on this research—it’s fascinating to see the intelligence of those who left Babel and settled a new land.

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