Ways to Give to Answers in Genesis


Do you have a passion for God’s Word, the gospel, and biblical authority? Do you want to use your time and resources to invest in the kingdom of God, the only investment that will truly last? That’s what we at Answers in Genesis seek to do, and we’d love to have you partner with us. Here are a few ways you can give to further the work of AiG:

  • Volunteer. Giving of your time and talents to AiG for short-term or long-term volunteering helps us spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel throughout the world.
  • Non-cash donations. You can bless AiG with the gift of a vehicle, electronics, gift cards, stock, or real estate.
  • Bequest. You can designate AiG as a beneficiary in your will or by a trust or beneficiary designation form.
  • Give It Twice Trust. You provide for your children, receive an income, and support the work of AiG.
  • Sale and Unitrust. You can give us a portion of your property to fund a charitable remainder trust, and when the property sells you receive cash and an income for life.

There are many different ways you can give to Answers in Genesis and invest in the good news of the gospel and the message of biblical authority. Learn more at GenesisGift.org.


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