Turn Your Life Insurance into a Premium Opportunity to Give


The greatest investment you can make is in the hearts and lives of people for eternity. These are the investments that keep on giving—sometimes for generations! Did you know that your life insurance policy can be used to make an eternal impact in the kingdom of God? You can give the gift of life insurance to help us continue spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a quick overview of how this works: If you have a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose, you can make it a gift to Answers in Genesis by giving it outright or naming us as a beneficiary. You automatically receive a charitable income tax deduction for your gift. Now, with your gift we can either

  1. Keep the policy until maturity. This provides another option for you to receive additional tax deductions by making an annual gift to cover the premium of the policy.
  2. Cash in the policy. This gives you the opportunity to see firsthand what your generous gift accomplished for the kingdom.

We are so thankful for those who partner with us in reaching out to the church and a lost world with the vital message of biblical authority and the gospel. We couldn’t do what we do without people like you who give generously. Your gift makes an eternal impact in the kingdom of God. You can learn more about planned giving at GenesisGift.org.


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