Teaching Children Stewardship Principles Through Planned Giving

on ; last featured May 6, 2017

As parents, we want to leave our children with strong, biblical values. This includes a proper perspective when it comes to dealing with money. Because this gift from the Lord is frequently abused (demonstrated by Scripture’s many exhortations regarding money), it is important to teach our children how to properly handle and view their money in a way that honors the Lord.

One way that parents can teach their children how to properly handle and view money is by modeling this behavior for them. Our money and resources are gifts from the Lord, and we are simply stewards of these resources. When we stand before the Lord, we want to be found faithful (Matthew 25:14–30) by having an imperishable treasure stored up in heaven (Matthew 6:19–21). We need to demonstrate this attitude to our children.

One way that American supporters of Answers in Genesis can do this is through planned giving. This allows you to provide for your children’s inheritance while also supporting the message of biblical authority and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our secular age. Planned giving also comes with other benefits, such as tax savings for your children. You can learn more at GenesisGift.org or by calling our planned giving staff at (859) 727-2222, ext. 483.


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