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At Answers in Genesis, we rely on the generous support of Christians from around the world to continue spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for every gift—large or small—and for the continued prayers of our supporters. There are many different ways you can give. One way is a planned giving option called a Life Estate Agreement.

With this option, you can deed your home, vacation home, or farm to Answers in Genesis. This deed contains a provision that gives you and any other life estate party named in the deed (such as a spouse or dependent child) the right to use the property for the rest of your life and any other parties named. You immediately receive a federal income tax deduction for your gift, and may potentially also avoid capital gains and estate taxes. Once the owners of the estate have passed away, the property belongs to Answers in Genesis. Answers in Genesis can then sell or use the property to further our work of spreading the gospel and the message of biblical authority.

A life estate comes with three benefits:

  1. The flexibility of using your property for life
  2. A charitable income tax deduction
  3. A legacy of promoting biblical authority and the gospel

You can learn more about planned giving at


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