Investing in God’s Work and Retirement


God calls us to be good stewards of what He has entrusted to us (Matthew 25:14–30). Many Christians wisely invest the resources God has blessed them with to prepare for their future. But, when it comes time to retire and use their investments, they often face a high tax. What can they do to pay less in taxes, maintain an income for retirement, and invest in the work of the Lord?

Let’s use Peter and Gail, a recently retired couple, as an example of what can be done. They made wise choices and prepared for their future with solid investments. But they faced a problem. As their portfolio increased in value, so did the capital gains tax they would have to pay. They wanted to be able to sell their stock, but doing so would incur this high tax. That’s when they learned about charitable remainder trusts.

They could transfer their stock to this special trust where it can be sold tax-free by Answers in Genesis. Peter and Gail would have an income for the remainder of their retirement years, bypass the high tax, and invest in the greatest investment of all—the Kingdom of God—because the gospel is spread through their gift!

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