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We are dedicated to the God-given mission of Christians to boldly proclaim the absolute truth and authority of the Bible and to delivering the message of the gospel (1 Peter 3:15 and Matthew 28). As part of this effort, our planned giving service works to help our supporters become better stewards of all that God has entrusted to them. You can help in this effort to reach others with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and stand with us to challenge our lost and hurting culture with the truth of God’s Word, thereby storing up for yourselves treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19–21).

One way for Americans to do this is through a “life estate reserved.” Here’s how it works: You deed your farm or home to Answers in Genesis. Throughout your lifetime and the lifetime of anyone else named in the deed (such as a spouse or dependent child), you retain the use of your property. Use it just as you normally would, paying for property insurance, property tax, and maintenance for the rest of your life before it passes to Answers in Genesis. Not only will you be able to invest in the mission of AiG, but you will also receive a charitable tax deduction for the value of the remainder interest.

We are so thankful for everyone who partners with us to spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel. We couldn’t do what we do without your help! Learn more about planned giving at


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