Cash Gifts to Bless Answers in Genesis and Further the Gospel


Behind Answers in Genesis stand thousands of supporters who generously give of their time, money, and resources to further the gospel and the message of biblical authority. We are exceedingly thankful for these supporters who allow us to do what we do because of their generosity.

One way you can partner with us is through a cash gift. A cash gift blesses our ministry by giving us the funds we need to continue doing what we are doing around the world. This gift also can give you substantial tax savings. A cash gift saves tax at your top tax rate. For example, if you are in the 33% tax bracket, then a gift of $100 produces a charitable deduction of that amount. Multiplying the $100 times your 33% tax bracket produces an actual tax savings of $33. Of course, in some states you will also save state income taxes.

We appreciate gifts of any amount. These gifts spread the gospel and the message of biblical authority to churches and unbelievers around the world. Learn more at


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