A Bequest to Spread the AiG Message


We are so thankful for the thousands of dedicated supporters that allow Answers in Genesis to continue in our mission of spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel. It’s because of their faithful prayers and partnership that we’ve been able to fulfill our vision of building the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. These outreaches, among many other ones, will help spread the truth of God’s Word in a powerful way.

If you’ve been blessed by the ministry of Answers in Genesis and want to see the truth continue to impact our culture, consider making a bequest to AiG in your will or trust. A bequest allows a percentage of your estate, specific dollar amount, or designated property (real or personal property) to be transferred to AiG to be used to spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel. During your lifetime, your assets are free to be used however you would like to use them. This giving option offers flexibility and the knowledge that you are leaving a legacy that will impact hearts and minds for eternity.

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