Avoid Large Tax by Partnering with AiG


We are very thankful for the men, women, and families who have graciously given of their time and resources to help Answers in Genesis further the message of biblical authority and the gospel. Without their generous support, we would never be able to do what we do.

If you would like to partner with us financially to allow us to continue spreading the gospel throughout the world, there are many creative options that help both you and us. In the United States, one way is through a retirement unitrust. Here’s how this works: a couple who is looking toward retirement and owns valuable land can put that land in a special trust. This avoids a very large tax, meaning the land can be sold tax-free and the cash can be invested for growth. This cash grows tax-free, although the payouts are taxable when the funds are taken out for retirement.

This special trust, a retirement unitrust, allows Americans to partner with Answers in Genesis and helps us in our mission of spreading the creation/gospel message to the world. It also helps you to avoid a large tax on the sale of your property.

If you would like to learn more about planned giving options that can maximize your giving, visit GenesisGift.org.


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