Evolutionists Say “Jurassic World” Might Exist . . . On Another Planet

by Ken Ham on November 27, 2023
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“Claiming to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22). Creationists are routinely mocked by evolutionists for believing that mankind once lived with dinosaurs. So I just had to shake my head and chuckle when I read the first line of this article, “A new study argues that a real-life ‘Jurassic World’ could currently exist, just on another planet.”

Yes, according to a new study, “Planets far away from Earth could be harboring species that resemble Earth’s dinosaurs and humans may currently have the ability to find them.” So dinosaur-like creatures may have evolved on another planet and might be living right now—we just have to find their planet by searching for planets with high levels of oxygen in their atmosphere.

So it’s foolish to believe that God created dinosaurs on day six of creation week, on the same day as mankind, just a few thousand years ago . . . but it’s not foolish to believe dinosaurs evolved on a distant planet and we just need to look for the right signatures to find them? Yes, Romans is right, “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

Studies like this one simply highlight yet again that humans are willing to grasp at anything rather than believe the truth of God’s Word.

Studies like this one simply highlight yet again that humans are willing to grasp at anything rather than believe the truth of God’s Word. But it’s in God’s Word that they’ll find truth. Not only the truth about the past (and the proper framework for interpreting things like dinosaurs), but also the truth about our spiritual condition and the free gift of salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

Think about it! Evolutionists are happy to have dinosaurs living at the same time as humans—as long as they’re on another planet!

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This item was discussed today on Answers News with cohosts Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Jennifer Rivera, and Avery Foley. Answers News is our weekly news program filmed live before a studio audience here at the Creation Museum, broadcast on our Answers in Genesis YouTube channel, and posted to Answers TV. We also covered the following topics:

  • Did dinosaurs sleep like birds?
  • Street preacher shot in Arizona.
  • Did scientists recreate what led to life?
  • And more!

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