“Dragon of Death” Uncovered?

by Ken Ham on June 2, 2022
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With an estimated 30-foot wingspan, the newly discovered “dragon of death” would’ve been a sight to behold. This massive pterosaur, the largest ever uncovered in South America, was named Thanatosdrakon amaru, or “dragon of death,” by researchers who found a small collection of fossils from two individuals in the Andes mountains of Argentina. But was this creature really a “dragon of death”?

Whatever it meant to creatures after the fall, before the fall the “dragon of death” was a vegetarian that lived on the wide variety of plants and fruits God created.

Well, in a fallen world, it’s likely this pterosaur ate fish, like other pterosaurs. But this flying vertebrate didn’t live 86 million years ago, as the headlines will tell you. It was created just a few thousand years ago and buried during the global flood of Noah’s day. In God’s original “very good” creation, “the dragon of death” would’ve been a vegetarian, like the other animals and mankind (Genesis 1:28). So, whatever it meant to creatures after the fall, before the fall the “dragon of death” was a vegetarian that lived on the wide variety of plants and fruits God created.

Pterosaurs are believed by evolutionists to be the first flying creatures, predating birds and bats. But this evolutionary story comes from a misinterpretation of the flood rocks that pterosaurs are buried in. Rather than interpreting rock layers as successive ecosystems buried by rising floodwaters, evolutionists interpret the layers as representing different epochs. When properly interpreted, we understand this pterosaur (created on day five of the creation week) lived alongside everything else God created—and yes, that means people did see massive creatures with the wingspan of a school bus flying overhead (what a sight it must have been!).

You can learn more about the incredible design features God gave pterosaurs in this article from Answers magazine, “Winged Wonders.”

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